Introduction into Jesus Prayer

“Look at the little flowers, in the serene summer days; they quietly open their petals,
and the sun shines into them with its gentle influences.
So I will do for you, if you will yield yourself to me.” (Tersteegen)

I wait for that which my soul loves.
This waiting is an expression of my love.
Completely open, all ears, I sense that,
which comes to me in the loving presence of God.
Contemplation is a state of being that I cannot produce on my own.

Mostly there are only short moments when my constant stream of consciousness moves to the background and I become lovingly attentive to God, who has been waiting for me all along.

A one-day introductory seminar into the Jesus Prayer* gives participants a glimpse at the history of this Christian form of prayer. It helps participants recognize their own contemplative experiences and provides the space to experience the Jesus Prayer for the first time.

*Following the form taught by Franz Jalics SJ at Haus Gries-Wilhelmsthal (